Welcome to Alexander Rocks!

Dec. 16, 1998

This webpage was created for Alexander's drum videos.
There will be new ones added periodically.

Alex's Drums

Alex plays Tama Stage Star Classics drums and Zildjian cymbals with Vic Firth sticks.

Alex, now 11 years old, got his very own drumset on his first birthday. It was a small 5 piece kit made by CB Percussion. Prior to his own "kit", he would sit on a kitchen chair and play on my full size kit. He was a natural on the skins and we continue to develop his talent. Alex is currently under the instruction of Kevin Chronister, one of South Central Pa's top drummers and percussionist. This webpage is dedicated to Alex and the continuing developement of his talent, as we are very proud of his accomplishments.

Alex's Latest Video....

March. , 2010

This is from the 2010 talent show at my school. OMG, there was like 200+ people out there. I had alot of fun that day.